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This website has been created to help people understand tennis, and in general, sport, to a more intelligent level with many creative ideas offered.


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  1. very interesting news and analysis

  2. Excellent analysis, very clear and well illustrated. Thank you for this hard work. I hope you can post similar studies of other interesting tactical battles. Any thoughts on the Gold Medal Olympics game? Was it simply Federer being tired, or did you see Murray improving his tactics (or just execution?) compared to Wimbledon?

    • Thank you for your input and for the compliments!

      The Olmypic games were indeed very interesting; for many reasons other than the expected and I will (most likely) write something on it, many differences to Wimbledon, for sure.

      I agree with your second point more so for Murray winning – Federer was indeed tired after playing 4 hours and 26 minutes two days prior, but Murray did everything the Destination Unknown piece said for him to do and he did not do what the piece said for him not to do – quite simply, he was more aggressive, he just belted the ball and it went in. His tactics were a little different, not so much, just his execution, in my view, was phenomenal. Not many can pull it off against Federer!

      On a side note, what are your thoughts for the rest of the year for mens tennis? Any interesting thoughts for the upcoming ATP 1000 events in Canada and USA?

  3. Hi,I have to agree with your thoughts. I also thought Murray executed his shots very well. It was very methodical, hitting deep, pushing Federer around especially on the forehand. I watch Fedeer matches a lot and I have noticed those who beat him tend to succeed when they get him running to his right (Berdych, Del Potro). My feeling is that he is so used to hitting his forehands in a well-prepared way that he’s not ready hitting a forehand in a defensive way, unless he uses that squash shot. Murray’s performance in the last two big tournaments puts him as a favourite at the Us Open now. It’s a Top 4 again, not just a top 3. I expect Nadal to be ready for the US Open. As a Fed fan, I’m not sure who I’d prefer as a SF opponent now, since Murray has proved he can beat Federer over a best of 5.

    I didn’t follow Toronto for the first time in a while, because I thought wtih Federer, Nadal, and Murray out, Djokovic would win straightforwardly. But Cinncinatti seems to be very interesting. It’s a very fast court and I like watching it. It seems Federer got an easier draw than Djokovic (and Murray is in Djokovic’s half as well). Not sure if Federer is recovered after just about a week”s rest. I have a feeling Berdych will improve on his dismal performance since the French.

    Nice observations about that ‘roller’ backhand Federer used in wimbledon..I will be looking for it over the next week to see if he uses it again.

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    • I have added the link to your website on my links page. Apologies for the late response!

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