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What do Caroline Wozniacki and Roger Federer have in common?

It would seem odd to compare Wozniacki, a heavy counter-punching baseliner with no Grand Slams to her name, to Federer, an aggressive baseliner with 16 to his name, but both showed a similar mindset to approaching their matches yesterday; one of a champion.

Playing in the wind can be difficult; Soderling and Cibulkova didn’t calibrate their games to the wind, Cibuvolka in particular kept going for big shots time after time again; and the errors came.  Wozniacki was happy to retrieve the ball and not join in the frustration of her opponent.

At times, Wozniacki was even smiling as the heavy wind disrupted the match; she loves playing tennis and saw this as a “challenge”, she didn’t show much emotion on court (barring one moment) and was business-like, Federer, was similar. A usual player might see playing in the wind as “difficult” and their confidence might suffer, Federer and Wozniacki on the other hand, saw this as a challenge; an opportunity to play differently to their usual game. The champion sees the benefits in all situations, the pessimist sees all the possible failures in a situation. Ask yourself, was Wozniacki or Federer even thinking about “losing” today? That’s a champion mindset.

Federer’s quotes after the match “”By now, I see playing in the wind as a challenge—an opportunity to play differently. It’s not easy, you know. . . It’s cold, it feels like the wind’s blowing through your ears. I used to dislike it so much that I’ve been able to turn it around, and now I actually enjoy it.”


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