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Thoughts on the recent Rogers Cup Masters Mens Final (Andy Murray vs Roger Federer, 7-5 7-5 to Murray)

-> Murray’s backhand passing shots were brilliant in this match, at times Federer’s approaches weren’t good enough (in two cases, they were simply dreadful), at other times Federer made excellent approach shots, but Murray’s excellent ability to “feel” the ball and pull out creative shots on his backhand meant that at a few crucial moments, he hit some stunning backhand passes. In the 2010 Australian Open final, Murray wasn’t aggressive enough with his backhand, in this match he hit a lot more down the line backhands, which in turn allowed him to push Federer behind the baseline, which then makes it very difficult to beat Murray (the reason why Nadal so often loses to Murray on hard court, he is pushed behind and cannot recover).

–> For all the talk on Federer losing his “aura” of invincibility, this match, the previous and the one before that all proved that even the best professional players (Berdych, Djokovic, Murray) still all have difficulty defeating Federer; often they missed or didn’t go for their shots solely because of their opponent (Federer), this is proof that Federer still has that aura, to some extent.

–> Paul Annacone couldn’t watch the match next to Mirka (court side) due to LTA obligations, if the commentators were asking why Paul wasn’t there, this is the reason.


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